Never Again Struggle to Go to Sleep or
Stay Asleep!

Love to Sleep is Guaranteed to help you . . .
    •   Fall Asleep Fast

    •   Stay Asleep All Night

    •   Wake Up Refreshed

    •   Soothe Body Aches and Pains

    •   Reduce Anxiety

    •   Calm the Mind

    •   Sleep as Nature Intended

      No matter how poorly you sleep right now, or how difficult falling to sleep seems, nor how rare it is for you to sleep through the night . . .

       Love to Sleep provides you with the best night's sleep you've ever experienced . . . night after night, without side effects or risk of dependency.
And it's specifically formulated to alleviate and eliminate the "CORE" causes of insomnia.

      And if you're taking a sleeping pill or aid that does NOT address these "CORE" causes, then you'll be stuck on a continuous treadmill of sleep-aid dependence!

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After years of sleepless nights, has NEVER slept better!

“I have ALWAYS had trouble sleeping due to either too much on my mind or just dealing with pain. Always tossing and turning, most often not getting the proper amount of sleep. Since I have been taking Love to Sleep , I can honestly say, I have NEVER slept better. I actually sleep through the night and wake up feeling rejuvenated. It's an amazing product and it's all natural. After many years of restless, sleepless nights, I am actually sleeping through the night now. Thanks. Great product.”
- Karen Michalak - Prescott, AZ

Are you tired of . . .
  • Getting out of bed in the morning feeling tired and sore?
  • Going through the day exhausted from not sleeping?
  • Lying awake for hours with your mind in full racing mode?
  • Waking up in the middle of the night and then tossing and turning for hours trying to get back to sleep?
  • Going to bed with excess energy, and then waking up tired – all the while wondering why it can't be the other way around?
  • Being groggy, tired and “hung over" from sleeping pills?

Then I have A Guaranteed Solution for you that will forever . . .

Put An End To Your "Sleeplessness Battle"

Love to Sleep's unique combination of all natural ingredients is unlike all other sleep aids on the market today, including over-the-counter and prescription medications.

That's because Love to Sleep was specifically formulated to target the "CORE" causes people can't sleep. As a safe and natural sleep aid it gently allows you to drift off into sleep by calming your mind of worry and racing thoughts, releasing body tension and acting as a mild sedative that keeps you in a deep, restful sleep all night long . . . so you wake up refreshed, invigorated, feeling great and ready to take on the day!

Refreshed . . . and ready to take on the day!

Since taking  Love to Sleep,  I go to sleep faster and sleep deeper.  I may still wake up during the night,  but I fall back asleep much faster than before. When I get up in the morning, I feel refreshed and ready to take on the day!”
- Pete Jensen - Mansfield, TX

Studies Confirm

Sleep Loss Can Lead to Weight Gain

   In today's go-go-go world a good night's sleep can be hard to catch, and now studies have linked poor sleep with increased weight gain.

   A recent study suggests sleep deprivation may increase our desire for calorie rich snacks. Published in the journal “NatureCommunications,” found that people who were sleep deprived craved foods that were high in calories, like cakes and potato chips, while those who had at least 8 hours sleep did not. By measuring brain activity, researchers also noticed that sleep deprived participants had less activity in areas of the brain that regulate decision making and more activity in areas that respond to pleasure. In other words, if you're sleep deprived for even one night, your ability to make healthy food choices might diminish while your craving for junk food may increase.

   At the University of Colorado a study showed that losing just a few hours of sleep a few nights in a row caused people to pack on an average of about two pounds.

The Double Hammer Effect

   Research has shown that adults who sleep less than 6 hours a night have higher levels of ghrelin, a 'go' hormone that signals your brain when to eat, and when you are sleep-deprived. Ghrelin also lowers leptin levels, which is the hormone that tells you to stop eating, and when you are sleep deprived. In other words, more ghrelin plus less leptin equals weight gain.

   Short sleep can further cause daytime fatigue and consequently, reduced physical activity. Poor sleepers may also experience glucose intolerance and increased levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. Over time these conditions may also contribute to weight gain.

Hello, my name is Ron Johnson and I suffered from insomnia for decades. And, as I was to discover later, I unknowingly faced some very serious health consequences due to my lack of sleep.

I thought the problem with my lack of sleep was all about being tired, mentally sluggish and not very productive the next day – all of which is bad enough. But I had no idea that poor sleep, left unchecked, could lead to serious health risks, including diabetes, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke!

And then . . .

I Made A BIG Mistake

During my 'uneducated days,' I became so desperate to get a decent night's sleep that at one point I turned to prescription medication. Eventually, I gave it up because I couldn't cope with the scary side effects!  I also knew that the longer I used prescription medications, the more I would become dependent upon them and possibly never be able to sleep without them!

So for the sake of my sanity and health, I decided to search for the cause(s) of insomnia and determine a natural way to eliminate it.  After completing a mind-numbing amount of research, it came down to . . .

The "Core" Cause for Sleepless Nights is: STRESS !

Stress is an extremely broad term. More specifically, I found the major underlying core causes of insomnia are: anxiety, depression, pain and hormone imbalance. And failing to address these core problems leads to developing poor sleeping habits. And as we age, these changes can be so subtle that we're not aware of their contribution to a potential train wreck down the road: chronic insomnia.

This 'Stopped the Train in its Tracks' and Ended My Decades-Long Struggle With Insomnia

Imagine experiencing the "miracle of sleep" that would allow you to live a normal, happy life. I felt blessed and no longer a hostage of insomnia or any harmful sleeping pills. I was finally able to gently fall asleep, stay asleep all night and wake up refreshed from healthy, natural sleep.

No longer was my mind racing as if I were in the final lap at the Indianapolis 500. My body was able to release its tension, aches and pent-up energy from stress, and I’d wake up refreshed and full of energy. It truly felt like a miracle.

And the best part: I was ready to start my day the moment my feet hit the ground – no more grogginess and no exhaustion throughout the day. Now I wake up with a smile on my face and happy to be alive.

This all took place three years ago - and I want to assure you that to this day, I still take the same exact mix of herbs, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and natural hormones to help me sleep.

Love to Sleep Can Help You Get Better Sleep –

Fast, Safe and Naturally

Sleep Disorders Put Your Health in Jeopardy

Please, don't take your sleep problem lightly!
  • A study conducted in 2010 found that C-reactive protein, which is associated with heart attack risk, was higher in people who got 6 or fewer hours of sleep a night.

  • In another study, people who slept 5 hours per night were 73% more likely to become obese than those getting 7 to 9 nightly hours of sleep.

  • Chronic sleep disorders adversely alter the immune function, including the activity of the body's killer cells.

  • Too much sleep loss may result in: depression, chronic fatigue, irritability, impatience, inability to concentrate, and moodiness.

  • Research indicates that people who get less than 6 hours of sleep per night have higher blood levels of inflammatory proteins than those who get more. Inflammation is linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, and premature aging.

  • The more sleep, the less stress, and conversely, the less sleep, the greater the stress.

  • When you're sleep-deprived your body almost immediately develops conditions that resemble the insulin resistance of diabetes.

  • Less than 6 hours of restful sleep each night inhibits the brain and its ability to commit new information to memory.

When You Start Taking Love to Sleep
Here’s What You Can Expect . . .
  • Fall Asleep Fast - No more lying there for hours staring at the alarm clock.

  • Stay Asleep All Night - Highly-effective ingredients help you to fall asleep and stay asleep in each of their unique ways.

  • Wake Up Refreshed - Because it's all-natural, you wake up refreshed, energized and ready to tackle the day without any “sleeping pill hangover.”

  • Calm the Mind - Natural ingredients aid you to gently enter sleep on your own by relieving body tension and calming your mind.

  • Sleep as Nature Intended - Achieve natural sleep without harsh man-made chemicals that manipulate your biochemistry.

  • Helps Reduce Anxiety - Put an end to worry and racing thoughts that are keeping you awake at night so you can fall asleep peacefully and easily.

  • Soothe Body Aches - Herbs act as natural, mild sedatives that soothe aches and pains which help you relax so you gently drift off to sleep.

2 Reasons You Can't Fall Asleep or Keep Waking Up

Two major obstacles stand in your way of getting a good nights sleep: the over-production of the "stress" hormones:

1. Cortisol
2. Adrenalin

Both these natural hormones inhibit your body from being in 'harmony' and serve to excite your brain, nervous system and muscles in everyday "stressful" situations.

Obviously, you don't want these two culprits floating around your body in the evening as they can interfere with your sleep in a very serious way!

And should you be experiencing insomnia, erratic sleep patterns, or have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep through the night . . . know that your body's nervous system is being stimulated, and this in turn creates a state of imbalance.  This stimulated state leaves you unable to "calm down" and fall asleep quickly or stay asleep all night.

If you've tried various sleep aids, and they've only given you spotty or even poor results, there's a reason:  They're not addressing the major causes of insomnia. Or, they may include ingredients that only partially address the "Core" causes of insomnia.

The unique combination of ingredients in Love to Sleep are unlike any sleep supplements on the market today, including over-the-counter and prescription medications.

The good news is  Love to Sleep's is specifically formulated to alleviate and eliminate the core cause of insomnia: Stress!

You Can't Sleep Soundly Without These Two Important "Anti-Stress" Hormones

Your body has the ability to eliminate "stress" hormones by creating and releasing two significant neurotransmitters, dopamine and serotonin, which act to calm your brain and relax the nervous system, thus counteracting the "stress" hormone effects. And herein lies "the key" to getting a naturally consistent, sound, and rejuvenating night's sleep !

Unfortunately, starting between the ages of 30 and 40, our body's ability to produce sufficient levels of dopamine and serotonin are dramatically reduced – just at a time when we begin to need them the most!

So Now You Know

In order to get a good nights sleep, you need to increase your "anti-stress hormones": dopamine and serotonin levels . . . because the lack of these are the major reasons for suffering from a sleep disorder.

Fall asleep faster, sleep more soundly

"Prior to ordering Love to Sleep , I was struggling getting any sort of sleep, and it was getting progressively worse.  Your product [Love to Sleep] arrived 2 days after I ordered it, and though I slept better on the first night, the second night was amazing in terms of the change in my sleep behaviors.  I am able to fall asleep a lot faster now, and sleep more soundly than I have in years.”
- Rich Kruczynski - Worcester, MA

These All-Natural "Stress Buster's" Help You Get a Great Night of Restful Sleep

Among its all natural ingredients, Love to Sleep contains effective "stress buster's" championed for their ability to increase dopamine and serotonin levels in your brain.

And to put your mind at ease, all the ingredients in Love to Sleep are based on hundreds of clinical studies proving their effectiveness:
  • Treats Insomnia, Reduces Fat
    A tropical legume, the Mucuna Pruriens delivers L-Dopa (dopamine) to support the body's ability to sleep soundly treating insomnia through enhancing a lucid dream state and acting as an anti-depressant. But the benefits don't just stop there! The "Big Mucuna" is well respected for its all-around beneficial properties, including:

    • Reducing body fat and decreasing cellulite
    • Increasing bone density and fighting osteoporosis
    • Increasing libido for both men and women
    • Improving energy and endurance
    • Reducing signs of aging, such as wrinkles
  • The Great Calming Effect
    Used for centuries to calm the mind and promote deep, restful sleep, L-theanine is an amino acid that increases dopamine levels. This amazing amino acid has been clinically proven to have the highest efficacy among those who need it the most.
  • Fall Asleep Faster, Sleep Longer and Deeper
    As an essential amino acid that promotes feelings of well-being, L-tryptophan is the only substance that can be converted into serotonin which, in turn, is converted into melatonin, "the sleep hormone." Safely used in research and clinical trials without incident for 25 years, L-tryptophan is an effective and powerful sleep aid that helps you fall asleep faster, sleep longer and deeper.
  • Provides Positive Support for Anxiety
    With a long, safe history of use, hops has sedative qualities that help provide positive support for anxiety and mood changes.
  • Finally, an End to Nighttime Awakenings and Drowsy Mornings
    An herb, Valerian root, has been shown to be significantly effective at helping people fall asleep faster, experience higher quality sleep, and wake up in the morning rejuvenated.
  • Eases Chronic Pain
    A small tree that grows along the hilly slopes of the rainforests of Southeast Asia, Eurycoma longifolia has been used as a medicinal herb for centuries to promote well being, improve health, increase strength, and increase libido. Today it is increasingly being used as a natural, gentle, and effective method to increase testosterone both in men and women.

    Studies have now linked testosterone deficiency with chronic pain. Additionally, adequate testosterone serum levels are required in males and females for cellular growth, healing, maintenance of muscle mass and bone, and central nervous system.
  • Relaxing with Vitamin B6
    A vitamin with multiple uses, B6 is needed to make the hormones serotonin and norepinephrine, which affect mood, and also aid in making melatonin.
  • Promotes Healthy Sleep and Prevents Migraines
    A natural hormone, melatonin, is released by your body at night and is responsible for triggering sleepiness. It also helps you stay asleep all night in a deep, restful sleep. Without melatonin, you wouldn’t be able to fall asleep at all!.

    Studies show that melatonin, a natural hormone, is a powerful anti-oxidant that can significantly reduce the amount of time needed to fall asleep, increase the time in bed asleep and increase total sleep duration.

I sincerely want you to try this supplement and quickly experience what it's like to get a great night's sleep, and avoid potential health risks . . .

And here’s the best part: You have literally nothing to risk, because of the . . .

"Love to Sleep: Best-Sleep-of-Your-Life” 100% Money Back Guarantee

Here's how it works – if you aren’t getting the best night's sleep of your life – by falling asleep fast, dozing peacefully all night long, rising in the morning refreshed, energized and ready to take on the day with absolutely ZERO “sleeping pill hang-over” from "Love to Sleep . . .

. . . THEN just send back the bottle – even if it's opened, used or completely empty – and we’ll promptly and courteously REFUND 100% of your purchase price.

There are absolutely no forms to fill out, no rude, prying questions, no secret return codes to obtain. Simply return the bottle, partially used or completely empty for a 100% Hassle-Free Guarantee!

Please remember this, for some it may take 30-60 days to see results . . . and this seems like a tall order considering today's demands for instant satisfaction! But living with insomnia is not wise and taking pharmaceuticals is risky at best.

The key here is "patience" – don't stop taking this high quality supplement before it has a chance to work! In six to 12 weeks, even those with severe insomnia can be consistently sleeping throughout the night.

If you're not satisfied, just send the bottle(s) back anytime within 90 days of your purchase. This gives you 3 entire months to decide if you want to take advantage of this generous guarantee. That could mean 90 days of great sleep for you.

Very rested in the morning . . .

"This is a great product and I will recommend it to my friends. It took 3-4 days to notice the difference and that was I felt very rested when I got up in the morning. I did not get up as much in the night and quickly fell back asleep when I returned to bed. It helped me very much."
- Bruce Feeney - Roseville, CA

How Much Is a Good Night’s Sleep Worth to You?

I still remember how I felt when insomnia was systematically ruining my every night. It was insideous, always there night after night, slowly robbing me of my sanity.

I also remember how desperate I was… desperate for a real solution without all the scary side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

And then . . .

Relief. Pure, restful sleep so good I never want it to end. Waking up "bright-eyed and bushy tailed," greeting each day with a smile on my face.

And it was all because I finally discovered an all-natural solution that works… a solution which is now available to the public as Love to Sleep.

You now have a decision to make . . .

You could go on struggling to get a good night’s sleep, never knowing what night-time is going to bring (racing thoughts, restless sleep or worse)… or you could try Love to Sleep - 100% risk-free - and see how good life can be when you’re enjoying deep, restful sleep every night.

I'm making this amazing guarantee to prove Love to Sleep is what you've been missing and resolves why you're not sleeping!

Try Love to Sleep today... You will be COMPLETELY delighted about how much better YOU Sleep and FEEL, and how transformed your Life has become due to all of that restful sleep, compared to where you are today.

And if it doesn't work for you . . . it's on me. My no-nonsense, 90-day, 100% money-back promise, guarantees your satisfaction!

You have nothing to lose - except your insomnia!

To your best health,

PS: One more thing - it's important! I have one last question for you . . .

What will your life be like in one, three or five years from now if you don't address your sleep problem at its "core" causes?

Most likely you will feel even more fatigued, less energetic and have less joy and enthusiasm for life than you have today or maybe even develop a serious disease.

There is only one completely safe, all-natural strategy to protect you from the long-term health risks of insomnia, and that is . . . Love to Sleep

I'm confident that when you review the facts, you'll agree Love to Sleep is your best choice!  It's completely natural with no negative side effects, it's proven effective and comes with a strong, no nonsense, money-back guarantee! 

The Stuff is Fantastic! It Really Works!

"I've tried all the prescription products and hate them all. What I love about it most is that I don't feel groggy in the morning. I feel totally rested in the am."
Michael Kagan

Amazing! Like some little elf was in my body throwing switches . . .

"The first time I took Love to Sleep, it was amazing. I took it a half hour before crashing as recommended, and as time went on I felt my whole body shutting down, like some little elf was in my body throwing switches! first me brain got tired, then me eyes, legs then my whole body. I crawled to the bed, and couldn't resist passing out as soon as I hit the sheets! Of course it's not like that now I'm more used to it, but it still works great!"
Mike Quarterman

Sleeps more soundly . . .

"This is an outstanding product! I sleep more soundly and awake a little groggy but that passes within a few minutes. I still have to get up in the night to honor the prostate gods, but overall my sleep patterns have improved. Thank you."
Skip Cowan

Stays asleep all night . . .

"I have been using Love to Sleep for a month now, and I love it!!! I fall asleep fast, stay asleep and don't wake up feeling drowsy or having that "hung over" feeling. I wake up a lot faster after I'm out of bed whereas with the other product, it took me quite a while to really feel awake and alert. I think you have a really great product here!"
J. Carstens

Feeling more relaxed, sleeping better . . .

"I am feeling more relaxed and I feel like I am sleeping better.  Hopefully, with continued use of Love to Sleep, it will improve even more.  Thank you for the initial trial.  I already ordered it in the auto ship option."
D. Flores

Better quality, duration of sleep . . .

"The quality and duration of my sleep has increased.  Thank you!"
D. Garms

Falls asleep again immediately . . .

"Before taking Love to Sleep, basically I would fall asleep within 30 minutes, but would wake up several times during the night but not get up. Now I roll over and fall asleep immediately, no turning or tossing and awaken in the morning if I had slept all night more refreshed than prior to taking Love to Sleep."
A. LaJoie

Gets back to sleep faster . . .

"With Love to Sleep I get to sleep faster and get back to sleep faster when I wake up in the middle of the night."
George Ritcheske

No longer lays awake at night for hours . . .

"I used to fall asleep quickly, but then in the middle of the night (usually between 2 am and 4 am), I would often wake up and lay awake for 2 or 3 hours. Sometimes if I woke up around 4 am, I would never go back to sleep again at all. Now, since taking Love to Sleep, I hardly ever wake up in the night anymore without being able to fall asleep again quickly. Love to Sleep has made a big difference for me. Thanks!"
L. Parker

Deeper, more rewarding sleep, doesn't wake up 'drugged' . . .

"Love to Sleep helped me get deeper and more rewarding sleep.  For those nights when I went to bed too late to get longer sleep, I didn't wake up "drugged".  Thanks."
H. Brady

Wakes up alert . . .

"I wasn't expecting magic, but it does seem to have helped me to almost get a full night's sleep.  I still wake up on occasion, but not as much as before.  There is no sensation of drugged sleep and I do wake up alert."
G. Morse

Definitely preferred to over-the-counter sleep aid . . .

"The very first nite I tried it, it was great! I definitely preferred it to the over-the-counter sleep aid I had been taking. But after that, it didn't seem to be as predictable. Some nites I just could not get to sleep for quite a while. Others were great. I recently started taking two, and that seemed to work. Thanks for the opportunity to try this! I really don't feel good about the ingredients in the OTC stuff I have been taking for so long. It works, but I'm concerned about the active ingredient and its long-term effect on my health."
R. Hykys

Sleepless No More . . .

"A severe accident left me with debilitating pain for the rest of my life. Over the years I mourned the loss of deep, healing sleep. Feeling grumpy, foggy and mentally dull due to the lack of sleep,  I didn't even like being “around me”  nor did my relatives and friends.

I've tried dozens of sleep aids, but have avoided addictive prescription meds. One day I had breakfast with a good friend who raved about a unique and natural herbal sleep aid. She was so excited about the wonderful night's sleep she experienced that I decided to try “Love to Sleep”. Despite my reservations, I tried the sleep aid for a week. To my amazement, I fell asleep with no difficulty and even slept through the night without waking in pain. I've been taking “Love to Sleep” for almost two months and am beginning to feel like my old self again. Because of the healing sleep, I experience far less pain.  I enjoy getting up in the morning and cherish my increased energy. It's miraculous for me to feel like I have a reason to live with joy and health.  If you feel depressed, have pain, or feel run-down from lack of sleep, give this great sleep aid a try."
R. Clary - Prescott, AZ

Falls asleep faster . . .

"It seems to make me fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer!"
S. Keltner

More relaxed at night . . .

"It seems after taking Love to Sleep I am more relaxed when I lay down at night."
B. Austin

It worked – able to fall asleep with no problem . . .

"The first few nights I thought it was a placebo but after the 4th night it worked. I felt myself relaxing and able to fall asleep without any problem.” 
J. Maslowski

Significantly increased my sleep time . . .

"Length of sleeping periods increased significantly with your product.  Am more rested in the morning.” 
G. Potter

Best night's sleep in years . . .

"First time I used Love to Sleep I fell asleep quickly and slept soundly for 7 hours.  Best night’s sleep in years.” 
J. Aaron

Great product . . .

"Great product.  Wish I would have known about this a long time ago.” 
J. Morgan

It works . . .

"I like it - it works!"” 
R. Reno